Automation Overview

An Overview Of Automation History

Decades before automation became an integral part of the managing and manufacturing systems of industries, these systems used hardwired relay logic (series of devices or tasks in a sequence connected to each other) for sequencing, and safety interlocks (monitoring the position of a guard or a gate) and pneumatic controllers (device to measure temperature and pressure) for process controls.

These were not user-friendly or flexible to modifications. Their maintenance and repair was an expensive affair, and their reporting and inspection was often inaccurate and time-consuming. The industry needed a boost of efficiency, and that came with the advent of manufacturing automation with a revolution in the field of computers.

In simple terms, automation refers to the use of control systems to operate devices, machines and equipment in tasks where accuracy or machine specialization is required. It helps increase the efficiency of the overall manufacturing process, reduces time and costs, and also reduces human intervention.

Automation In The 21st Century

Today automation has multiple applications. It can be seen in retail where customers use tablets or screens to place their order and to pay the bills, thereby reducing the need of an individual manning the system. In the field of security, the advent of surveillance systems and cameras considerably reduced the manpower required to man these systems.

These systems could notify the authorities when required, as per the data gathered by its sensors. Fully-automated vehicles now have the potential to reduce human labor as well as the time taken for deliveries and transportation. Healthcare and laboratory centers would benefit from automated self-testing or sampling by the patients themselves, reducing expenditure for the institution itself as well as the patient. Manufacturing companies, where the concept of process automation started, has made numerous technological advancements for quality controls and material handling.

To sum up the overview, automation is a field rife with opportunities and potential. In the age of automation, efficient management and implementation of existing and upcoming innovations can contribute massively to numerous fields. However, the need for user-friendly automation equipment, systems, and interfaces to make this more accessible to common public and homes, along with companies and organizations, is the need of the hour.

OSPL Fact File

Although it may seem like a new technology, automation dates back to ancient Greece. The Latin form of the Greek word for automaton, or “acting of one’s own will”, was first used by Homer. In fact, complex mechanical devices are known to have existed in Hellenistic Greece, including the only surviving example of the earliest known analog computer — the Antikythera mechanism.


To tackle the need for user friendly automation, Optimized Solutions has transformed Programmable Logic Controllers and user interfaces, such as the Human Machine Interface, with the help of the Vijeo Designer. Optimized Solutions keeps its users in mind while tailoring solutions for your automation needs, which is what makes our products not just customer-friendly, but also easily accessible. We aim to bring automation technology to everyone so they can incorporate it into their lives to save time, efforts, costs, and improve efficiency.

What Else Does It Offer?

Optimized Solutions offers numerous innovative solutions for automation, and can help you establish automation as an integral part of your everyday life, be it domestic or official, through smart management of your devices as well as investment in new technology. It specializes in manufacturing automation and has several products that can help you connect with the constantly advancing automation technology, by gaining access to PLC controlling systems, dealing with user interfaces and more. Bring your business up to date with the demands of the market today in a sustainable way by reducing costs and time investment, while increasing accuracy, efficiency and accountability.


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