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The PLC is a basic component that can give a lot of leeway as far as everyday manual industrial processes are concerned. This device allows the automation of electromechanical processes which are responsible for the functioning of everyday industrial parts and machinery. The PLC has revolutionized the automation industry, and has now become an integral part of it.

Before the advent of the PLC, industries used relays (magnetic coils that allowed one to pull a switch between on or off), and a multitude of relays were required to operate a single machine. In an industry with several such machines, machine operation was complicated, labor intensive and time-consuming. This was not just expensive as far as the cost of production was concerned, but also resulted in unproductive utilization of time and machinery in general.

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A single PLC can be programmed to replace thousands of relays and timers with only one digital program or algorithm.

The Birth Of PLC Automation

The PLC was created in order to combat the inefficiencies faced by industries at the time. The first thing one understands from the term is that it is programmable, or adaptable and flexible to changes as compared to previously used inflexible hard-wired systems. The logic here, in layman terms, refers to a set of rules or instructions for a task to be carried out.

These rules are written in programming languages which enable the PLC to perform the specialized task that it is assigned to do. A PLC automation system comes in various shapes and sizes and can be programmed to run at a very high speed. It has a multitude of applications across fields such as manufacturing, travel, aerospace, printing, textiles, agriculture, film and more. PLCs are always associated with systems where automation is required and the two have become inseparable necessities for businesses and industries in the 21st century.

OSPL’s Automation Products

Automation refers to the use of control systems to operate devices, machines and equipment. It helps increase efficiency of the overall manufacturing process to a large degree, thereby reducing time and costs. The process also considerably reduces human intervention in the processes as a whole.

We at OSPL understand that automation is no longer merely an innovation or experiment. It is an industrial necessity that is slowly pervading into other spheres of our life. It is no longer a thing of the future; it is here now in the present and we want to help you get equipped with this essential technology so that you can step back and look at progressing in the market as a whole instead of merely concentrating on the industry as a whole. In order to help you get connected with the Automation technology today, we bring you world class, user-friendly products and services that are easy to access and maneuver.

We offer you automation testing systems for test automation that controls the execution of tests and the comparison of the outcomes of these tests with the predicted outcomes. Another important part of the products in this case includes the automation control systems, which are available along with controllers that compare a measured value with the desirable value of that measure. They also help keep a check on whether the values or measures waver, exceed or lack as per the predicted values by reporting variations. You can also access PLC automation with the Programmable Logic Controller systems.

OSPL Case File

A PLC Control System was installed at a High Heat Flux (the amount of heat given out by a given surface at a given point of time) testing facility within the Institute of Plasma Research Center, Bhatt. The purpose of this system was to provide methodical processes for start-up, operation, alarm, and shutdown of the involved equipment. This system is intended to build high precision, high performance control systems, which can compare the measurements with set value parameters.

OSPL provided features in the Human Machine Interface and the Vijeo Designer runtime application for running certain modes of process operations (Auto/Manual/Stand-by). These processes are required for commanding pumps/valves, Alarm Set points, setting minimum & maximum limits of analog channel customized configuration, operation facility of target-handling system to make maneuvering through technical processes easier.

Optimized Solutions also provides an intuitive solution for the HHF Test Facility System software platforms, which is an advanced, powerful, flexible, and user-friendly system software platform that makes our automation technology easily accessible to clients. It was observed that this facility eliminated several time consuming activities and could enable the performing of uninterrupted operations in different modes. The HMI kept a track of running operations with timely notifications and alerts, while the secure system detected failures and defects along the plumbing as well as system inefficiencies.


The focus of our products and services is to make automation accessible and understandable for our customers, and this can be seen in our user-friendly products and services. Our commitment and dedication to automation excellence customer service has been rewarded in the past, as we won the “Best upcoming System Integrator” award from Schneider Electrics and were named Gold Alliance Partners by National Instruments, apart from several accolades from companies like Fluke and Tetronix.


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