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Optimize your energy consumption, maintain a healthy and productive environment, update aging facilities and connect to your integrated solutions anytime, anywhere.

We believe energy is the basic right for everyone. Owing to this, the wastage of energy is an element of immense importance as far as achieving higher rates of efficiency and productivity is concerned. There were days in the ancient past when our race was struggling to use energy while now there are days when we are consuming and wasting sources of energy like mere fragments of scrap. To help you get up to speed with the topic at hand, let us start at the top: the basic distinction between Renewable Energy and Non-Renewable energy.

Non-Renewable Energy

The energy made from non-renewable resources, use of which is not sustainable because their formation takes billions of years.

Renewable Energy

Energy from resources that will never deplete, as they are infinite and limitless.

Energy wastage and its management

Energy waste means consumption of electricity, water, and gas when that not performs any useful action. One of the main reasons of energy waste occurs is energy consumption devices are not managed and maintained properly. 

Energy management includes planning and operation of energy production and energy consumption units. Objectives are resource conservation, climate protection, and cost savings, while the users have permanent access to the energy they need.

OSPL Fact File

Electronic equipment consumes 20% more energy when it’s maintained poor way. Frequently opening refrigerator causes 50 to120 kWh a year which is enough for a washing machine to work 50 times.

Optimized Solutions provides various energy management services, which enable industries to save energy and use it efficiently. With EMS (Energy management Systems) in place, an industry can avail many benefits that will reduce the wastage of energy on a large scale, help in optimization of the machines installed, and increase the overall productivity of the industry through efficient usage of resources leading to increasing profits.


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