Our Innovations

Optimized Solutions Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading Test and Automation Services providers in India. We also work with data acquisition, automated test Equipment, and energy monitoring systems.

Our expertise and services vary from building embedded products to the provision web services and interactive GUI for monitoring and control purposes in organizations and companies.

Embedded Systems

We have a highly skilled team of engineers who are experts in working with micro-controller based embedded system design. We work on micro controllers from Texas Instruments, Renesas Semiconductors, Microchip Semiconductors, Analog Devices and NXP semiconductors. Our solutions for embedded systems related services are available in wired and wireless technology. Our engineers are equipped with knowledge and expertise in FPGA program with Xilinx as well. Along with these, we have a strong designing team for Schematic designing and PCB Layout designing.

Network Based Monitoring Solutions

Coming to Network related solutions, we provide Broadcom processors based on an advanced gateway for IOT (Internet of Things), which enables connection of individual machinery in an organization to the Internet. We are equipped with the facilities that can provide Wi-Fi Ethernet based connectivity for indoor and industrial monitoring. We are well-known for our monitoring services and also provide complete web service based solutions with user-friendly Graphical User Interface for monitoring and control in an organization.

Embedded IOT Solutions

With an expert team in place, Optimized Solutions has a large degree of experience in low cost, rugged and fully embedded IOT solutions. We have built several advance feature embedded products. We also provide some customized embedded solutions to help an organization meet its needs.

Automated Test Equipment

We provide ATE (Automated Test Equipment) that perform tests on a device using automation, which helps in performing measurements and evaluating the test results quickly. We provide a wide range of electronic devices for measuring and sourcing the electrical and physical parameters in the industrial or non industrial area.

Data Acquisition

We also provide customized solutions in data acquisition. Our skilled team of engineers understands the criticality of data in any process or experiment and they continue to explore and re-invent methods of acquiring, analyzing and presenting these data in a manner that scientists and engineers appreciate. There are numerous individuals in the company who are experts in the LabVIEW system design software, which is an integral part of managing and making sense out of measurement and data acquisition instruments.


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