Embedded systems now make up the core of any instrumental design. Embedded engineering thus plays a crucial role in any product development cycle. The decreasing cost of processing power, combined with the decreasing cost of memory and the ability to design low-cost systems on chip, has led to the development and deployment of embedded computing systems in a wide range of application environments. Design for reliable embedded system is a multi-objective optimization problem, which tries to locate optimal solutions in terms of reliability, availability, cost, performance, etc. Optimized Solutions with 500 Man-Years of design experience, offers expert embedded services including Platform Development, Hardware in Loop Testing and FPGA Board Design.

Customized Embedded services expert


  • Android, Linux, Windows based Embedded System
  • Xilinx FPGA Embedded System Development
  • Wireless Sensor Node Development
  • IIoT Gateway Development


  • Embedded Board Design

    In the past, processor design trends were dominated by increasingly complex feature sets, higher clock speeds, growing thermal envelopes and increasing power dissipation. Recently, clock speeds have tapered and thermal and power dissipation envelopes have remained flat. However, the demand for increasing performance continues which has fueled the move to integrated multiple processor(multi-core) designs. Optimized Solutions has experts who deal in multicore development, we design schematics and layout based on the requirement and get the board assembly done at our clean room facility.

  • Multi-Processor, Controller, GPU

    Embedded Board Design

    Optimized Solutions is working on Complex systems with Stack up boards and multiple FPGAs to Serve Mission Critical Applications. Dramatic surges in FPGA technology, device size and capabilities have over the last few years increased the number of potential applications that FPGAs can implement. Increasingly, these applications are in areas that demand high reliability, such as aerospace, automotive or medical. The backbone of most FPGA design is the finite state machine, a design methodology that engineers use to implement control, data flow and algorithmic functions.

  • Signal Integrity

    Experts in High-Speed board design to manage multi-channel data communication bus with proper Signal Integrity. With the ever-increasing speed of communications,the need to understand the effects caused by board layout, connectors and other parasitics is more important than ever. Optimized Solutions addresses the issues with high-speed signals and how to mitigate problems through proper component selection and board layout.

  • Device Driver Development

    Inherent expertise in Device Driver Development for a wide range of embedded devices and applications. Writing a device driver requires an in-depth understanding of how the hardware and the software works for a given platform function. Because drivers require low-level access to hardware functions to operate, drivers typically operate in a highly privileged environment and can cause system operational issues if something goes wrong. Our range of Driver Development addresses video, storage, audio, network, graphics, connectivity, wireless, sensors and UI and other components.

  • RTOS Porting

    An embedded RTOS platform allows you to add multiple functionalities all the while reducing memory size and improving efficiency of your system. Optimized Solutions is an expert in developing application specific Low Power embedded LINUX OS.

Our Work

PCB Testing

Automatic Testing Equipment for PCB Testing has been developed for controller PCBs used in HVAC machines. Customer wanted a system which can precisely analysis and perform tests faster than their current testing system. Optimized Solutions has designed a complete automatic solution which can test various PCB models. The Solution includes test configuration, auto/manual testing, report generation, data storage, firmware uploading and printing barcode