To gather the raw data via wireless system in a much organized way, in order to find out the gaps in power quality, this system will lead to the increment in the power utilization efficiency and increase the life span of the machine.​

Ion Cyclotron

A System having 8 independent RF sources with 2.5MW of power output at VSWR of 2.0 and Bandwidth of 2MHz with each source operated independently as well as in slave mode with synchronization with central control system of the Client, also it is operated continuously at the specified performance with maximum reliability with use of Local Control Unit (LCU)

RF Power Detection System

RF power detection and interlocking system for Solid state power amplifier: RF Solid state power amplifier (SSPA) is being used for the most demanding application like Radars, Satellite communication, Missile technology and Airborne. Advantages of Solid state power amplifier over other amplifiers are its reliability as it can sustain for years without degradation, high performance at smaller size and cost effectiveness.​

Wheel End Tester

Wheel End Tester(WET) is an equipment which is portable and rugged for industrial use. With longer battery life, this instrument measures quality of the Anti-lock Braking System(ABS) at the end line of manufacturing.

Tablet Pressing Automation

This Pressing Machine provides the solution of automation for tablet pressing machine. The high speed tablet pressing machine issued in pharma industry for making of tablets from its powder form. This machine is specially designed that it presses the powder form of drug and convert it in to tablet form. This process is done very fast so the capacity of machine increases up to millions of tablet per hour.

Automated Concrete Production

An automation system is designed to calculate the ingredients used to make concrete and also monitor the whole process along with its other attributes in real time .It can also store data for each batch for measuring productivity. It also has multiple alarm systems for safety and lower downtime. The system can do these tasks at a higher speed increasing productivity.

Ford Energy Monitoring System

To streamline data and resource collection into a centralized platform for analysis to find inefficiencies and optimization opportunities in addition to identification of hidden power quality issues impacting the reliability of the electrical networks within the plant.