Drones for next gen security

Drone: Technology that will fly in the future!!!!! Drone or in other words “Unman Aerial Vehicle” is incredibly increasing in numbers in Sky now a day. It has been around for more than two decades, but roots have been planted during World War and used for military purposes. In 1915, the British military used UAV to capture sky view maps of the enemy’s region and battle planning.

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Fortunately, it wasn’t limited to application, and drones are constituting their presence in every domain say from surveillance to tracking, dispatching of goods to aerial vehicles, reports say that over $10 billion worth of drone’s market is in infrastructure, agriculture, and transport. 


Conventional Application Sectors: 

  • Security purposes 
  • Agriculture 
  • Land Mapping 
  • Goods delivery 
  • Realtime Data Monitoring 
  • Photography or Filming...etc 


Drone’s are either controlled by a human operator using RF controller or autonomous monitor system and are working on UAVs system which has three components in it i.e. UAV vehicle, controller system, and communication device for communication between the two systems. 


Drones are already accepted and have become an essential part of the security industry. Apart from the Armed force, many private securities are using it in different events to survey, monitor, and for early detection of a suspect. Many commercial buildings are using these drones during night surveillance to improve the security standards and deliver the best services to their customer. In near future, we will see these drones for our home security, in residential buildings, offices, and malls to increase safety. 


In an era of the technology revolution, Drones become more effective and prepared for the security industry, It will bring the below-listed elements and perform better:      

  • A compact long-range camera module 
  • Night vision camera 
  • GPS sensor 
  • Self-balance and driving sensors 
  • Better battery management 
  • Long flight time 
  • Fast and easy charging 


In this world where social events, gatherings, and sometimes protests in huge numbers are so common that safety has become the utmost priority concern for us, for that drones can be the best guards and become a crucial element to prevent any harmful incident.  


As per reports drones used in security for next-generation are of gen-7 named as a solo drone with highly accurate sensors built-in, using smart technology, and having real-time monitoring feature would provide new opportunities in every sector. 


It is very much clear that we live in the era of industry 4.0 where everything is connected to the internet and adopting innovations will result in the betterment of human life with a next-generation drone as a key security element.