Hydrogen economy – The road map to a sustainable world

In a continuously evolving environment, it is very important to understand the fact that the sooner we decrease our reliance on fossil fuels and start to work towards developing new energy sources, the better. Every industry in the world is adopting new technology to develop a sustainable environment, and so is the automobile industry which is a large contributor to major industrial and economic forces worldwide.

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This industry has not only transformed technologically but also has proved to the world that how we can contribute to adopting sustainable technology. One such technology is the concept of a hydrogen vehicle.


Hydrogen is the most abundantly found element on Earth.  To use this element in the form of fuel and replace the conventional fuel sources for motive power is a concept that has made a remarkable change in the automotive industry. But to adopt any technology it is important to understand and compare it with the existing technology.





1. Driving range - Approx. 300 miles in a single charge

1. Driving range – Approx. 100-200 miles in a single charge

2. Charging time - 5 mins

2. Charging time – 3-6 hours

3. No need for any batteries hence no polluting emissions

3. The Lithium-ion batteries work within a fixed warranty and are non-recyclable hence polluting the environment

4. Less efficiency rate

4. More efficiency rate

5. No engine sound

5. Noisy combustion engine

6. Poor built infrastructure

6. Great built infrastructure


The main drawback this hydrogen vehicle has is its poor infrastructure. The number of stations across the globe is very less as compared to electric-powered stations. Also, the efficiency rate of hydrogen fuel is quite low, hence hydrogen production and filling methods need to be restructured for enhancing the production value and later leading to a better infrastructure.


Thus, Hydrogen fuel economy still has a long way to go in terms of the dominating fuel economy, but if we overcome the above drawbacks the world will get transformed into a sustainable emission-free environment.