In a Solar power plant, data monitoring and logging is a crucial task. Using our Energy Monitoring system, Customers will monitor all inverters and fuse boxes and obtain real-time data from the solar power plant control room.

Weld Seam Monitoring

The developed system should examine, analyze, and correct the course of the electrodes in real time with extreme precision. The quality of welding should not be compromised. The ambient temperature being very high and the welding temperature even higher makes it difficult to monitor the position of the electrodes. Due to nature of welding the controlling action has to be quick enough in order to not create any discrepancy

PCB Testing

Automatic Testing Equipment for PCB Testing has been developed for controller PCBs used in HVAC machines. Customer wanted a system which can precisely analysis and perform tests faster than their current testing system. Optimized Solutions has designed a complete automatic solution which can test various PCB models. The Solution includes test configuration, auto/manual testing, report generation, data storage, firmware uploading and printing barcode

High Speed SerDes

A critical high speed design, used for Space applications. A SERDES module, working at a speed of 1.5 Gbps (Giga bits per second),which de-serializes the incoming data and stores it at speeds’ up to 2 Gbps. Flex Rio adaptor module provides an interface for de-serialization of the incoming data and feed it to FPGA board.

Booster Pump Automation

Water utilities have five aspects of data to deal with: volume, variety, velocity, value and visibility. With no real-time data processing and sharing capability, water utilities are hampered by the sheer amount of data in different formats coming from various sources at an exploding rate. Visibility of real-time creates more accurate and cost-effective demand management